Wendy Sistrunk
Librarian III
Head, Special Formats Metadata and Cataloging
University of Missouri--Kansas City
Miller Nichols Library
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

phone:  (816) 235-5291
fax:  (816) 333-5584
e-mail:  sistrunkw@umkc.edu


1992 M.S.

Library Science

Simmons College Boston, MA
1985 M.M Vocal Performance Arizona State University Tempe, AZ
1983 B.M. Applied Vocal Music Kansas State University Manhattan, KS



Head, Special Formats Metadata and Cataloging, University of Missouri--Kansas City, University Libraries, Cataloging and Access Management Dept., Kansas City, MO

Duties include performing original cataloging and retrospective conversion of materials in all formats, with focus on music materials, including the holdings of the Marr Sound Archives. The Marr Sound Archives, housing more than 290,000 sound recordings in the pre-digital era, is a collection focused on the American experience as reflected in recorded sound, and is one of only a few such collections in the country. Providing bibliographic access to the holdings in this archive is a very important component of the job; since the cataloging project, 78% of the LP collection (ca. 94,000) has been cataloged to date. Other duties for this position include assisting in maintaining the integrity of the online catalog; planning, coordinating, and evaluating daily operations of special cataloging projects; hiring, training, supervising and evaluating two Library Specialist II (2 FTE); coordinating goals with the Cataloging and Access Management Dept., which serves the entire University Libraries; participating and reporting on professional activities; keeping current with national developments in the field of academic librarianship and cataloging. Active participation in the national NACO (Name Authority Cooperative Program), NACO Music Project, and NACO-AV funnel project, which entails creating authoritative versions of names (individual, corporate, conference, title) according to stringent national standards, and contributing these headings into a national online catalog database.


LIBRARY ASSISTANT, Music & Monographs, Tufts University, Tisch Library, Cataloging Dept., Medford, MA

Duties included searching, retrieving, and editing bibliographic and authority records for monographic, music, audiovisual and Internet materials; completing retrospective conversion projects; maintaining music scores and sound recordings backlogs; providing pre-cataloging research and support for Original Music Cataloger; training and supervising two student assistants.


ACTING HEAD, Tufts University, Music Library, Medford, MA

Primary responsibilities included the management of the Music Library, development and organization of its collections, services, equipment, facilities, budget, and supervision of its personnel, including one Library Assistant (1 FTE) and up to thirteen student assistants. The Music Library serves the Music Department faculty and students, students from other disciplines, and the Tufts community in general. During nine-month appointment, circulation statistics rose 200%, the listening and storage facilities of the music library were expanded, a 15-year space needs projection study was completed, the entire collection was weeded and shifted, numerous finding aids for the online public access catalog were created, and the first annual "Music Faculty Appreciation Week" was initiated.


LIBRARY ASSISTANT, Tufts University, Music Library, Medford, MA

Accountable for the daily operation of the Music Library and for contributing to its daily information services. Duties included assisting Music Library users in locating material and information; supervising, scheduling, and training up to thirteen student assistants; responsibility for all reserve processes; assisting Librarian in projects related to collection development; responsibility for all circulation processes; routine upkeep and minor repairs on audio equipment; compiling statistics on use of the collection.


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, Boston University, Metropolitan College, Boston, MA

Provided administrative and sole secretarial support to the following graduate and undergraduate programs: Urban Affairs, City Planning, Criminal Justice, Social Work, Liberal Arts, Inter-Disciplinary Studies, Advanced Placement, and Sociology.


EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT, Blue Hill Federal Credit Union, Brookline, MA

Responsible for the smooth administrative operation and clerical support of the President's office and for the Board of Directors.


LIBRARY SUPERVISOR (temporary professional, academic position - at that time known as Library Assistant II), Arizona State University, Music Library, Tempe, AZ

Duties included supervision of up eleven student assistants, their scheduling, hiring, and training; interviewing job applicants; processing overdue and class reserve materials; aiding in patron circulation and reference services; operating various audio equipment. Maintained high standards of service and continued smooth operation and support of the music library during temporary flux in library personnel.


LIBRARY CLERK II, Arizona State University, Haydn Library, Reserve Dept., Tempe, AZ

Duties included supervision of four student assistants; performing clerical tasks pertaining to processing and revising of reserve materials; book searches; aiding in patron circulation and reference services; shelving.


STUDENT ASSISTANT, Arizona State University, Music Library, Tempe, AZ

Duties included dubbing and editing library copies of recital tapes, instructors' listening assignments and exam tapes; performing various circulation duties; physical processing of reserve and newly-acquired materials; cleaning and operating audio equipment; shelving and searching for library materials; training new student assistants; acting as Weekend Supervisor.


STUDENT AIDE, Kansas State University, Farrell Library, Audio-Visual Dept., Manhattan, KS

Duties included operation of various and varied audio-visual equipment; providing reserve and circulation services; filing Library of Congress cards in catalogue; performing various archival tasks, including the mending and indexing of old music scores; processing new materials; training new student assistants; overseeing special record collection.


Mu Phi Epsilon Presidential Award of Merit, 2005
Cited as an individual who "contributed significantly to a student's intellectual and personal development," Survey, Class of 1994, Tufts University.



Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC): member, 1996-2000; 2009-
Membership & Enhancement Committee: Co-Chair, 1997-2000
Discographic Access Committee: member, 1996-2000
Online Discography Ad Hoc Subcommittee: member, 1999-2000
Co-Moderator, Online Discography Ad Hoc Subcommittee Listserve, 1999-2000
Audio Engineering Society (AES) Metadata Harmonization Taskgroup: member, 2000-2002; Standards Writing Team
Mu Phi Epsilon International Music Fraternity:
International Librarian, 1998-
Archives Chair, 2003-
Faculty Advisor, University of Missouri--Kansas City Alpha Kappa Chapter, 1997-1998
Kansas City Alumni Evening Chapter: member, 1996- / President, 1997-1999
Boston Alumni Chapter: member, 1987-1996 / President, 1990-1992
Kansas State University Mu Mu Collegiate Chapter: member, 1980-1983 / Secretary,1982-1983.
R�pertoire International de Litt�rature Musicale (RILM): abstractor, 1999-2002.


Music Library Association (MLA): member, 1990-
Advertising Manager, 2006-2011
Annual Meeting Mentor, 1998, 1999
Bibliographic Control Committee, Subject Access Subcommittee, member, 2001- 2005
Election Teller, 2001, 2002
75th Anniversary Committee, 2003-2006
Co-Coordinator, Technical Services Roundtable, 2003-2007
Legislation Committee, member, 2006-
Music OCLC Users Group (MOUG): member, 1993-
MOUG/OLAC Liaison: 1998-2001
Name Authority Cooperative Project (NACO): 1998-
NACO Music Project (NMP): 1998-
NACO AV Project (NACO-AV): 2000-
National Endowment for the Humanities, Division of Preservation and Access, Grants Review Panel VI: Music and Dance, Fall, 2006
Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC): member, 1996-
OLAC/MOUG Liaison: 1998-2001
OLAC/MOUG meeting Program Committee: member


Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Notary Public, 1987-1995
Kansas State Choirs Advisory Council: member, 2004-2006.
Recruitment & Public Relations Committee: Chair, 2004-2006.
Missouri State Library: Digital Imaging Grants Review Committee, 2006-
Music Library Association Midwest Chapter: member, 1996-
Cataloging Committee: member, 1996- ; Chair, 1998-2004
Technology, Archives, Preservation, and Sound (TAPS) Committee: member, 1997-
Publications Committee: member, 2000-


UMKC Faculty Senate: member, 1998, 2000-2002
Academic Issues Committee: member, 2000-2002
UMKC University Libraries:
Dean's Transition Team: member, 2004-2005
Staff Annnouncements Committee: member, 1996-1998; Chair, 1997-1998
UMKC University Libraries Librarians' Council: member, 1996- ; Vice Chair, 1998-1999; Secretary, 1996-1997; Parliamentarian, 2004-2005; Chair, 2006-2007
Budget & Fiscal Affairs Committee: member, 2002-2004, 2006- ; Chair, 2003-2004
Promotion and Appointment Committee: member, 2006-2008; Co-Chair, 2006
Administrative Issues Committee: member, 2005-2006; Chair, 2006
Administrative Issues Task Force: Chair, 2002
Development Committee: member, 1997-2000
Ad Hoc Document Review & Retention Committee: member, 1998
UMKC University Libraries Search Committee for Serials Librarian: member, 2002-2003
UMKC Search Committee for Director, University Police: member, 2000
UMKC University Libraries Search Committee for Catalog Librarian: member, 1999-2001
UMKC University Libraries Search Committee for Humanities Reference Librarian, Social Sciences Reference Librarian: member, 1998
UMKC University Libraries Staff Announcements Committee: member, 1996-1998; Chair, 1997-1998
Simmons College Library Student Association (L.S.A.): member, 1990-1992

PUBLICATIONS (select list):


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"Metadata Workshop";
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"Roundtable on a UMKC Digital Library";
panelist; Libraries Directors' Group; University of Missouri--Kansas City; August 23, 2001.

"Audio Metadata"; panelist; DELOS-Audio Engineering Society; 110th Annual Meeting; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; May 11, 2001.

"Cataloging Popular/Non-Classical Music,"
with Patty Falk; Music Library Association Midwest Chapter; Cataloging Committee; Kalamazoo, Michigan; October 22, 1998.

"Dating LPs." Poster session presented at the 1999 American Library Association Conference, New Orleans, Lousiana, and at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Music Library Association, Boston, Massachusetts, February 13, 1998.


Hobbies/Activities - past and present: Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Theta Alpha Phi, Mu Phi Epsilon, Golden Key National Honor Society, The Kansas City Singers, Madrigalia Bar Nonne, Carolers of Note, Boston Chorus pro Musica, Boston Opera Company, Boston Concert Opera Chorus, KSU Collegium Musicum

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