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The UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance is an active member in mid-America's most important cultural center, Kansas City. This geographical setting provides students with the opportunity to hear and work with the Conservatory's own internationally recognized artist-faculty and internationally known artists who perform in the area. UMKC has in attendance approximately 15,000 students and the Conservatory approximately 600 majors. UMKC is easily accessed by major thoroughfares and highways and is conveniently located near several historical and cultural communities and institutions.

The Conservatory offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of ensembles and venues that perform throughout the year. More than 20 ensembles are open by audition to all University students who can qualify.

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Tuba and Euphonium Studies

The Euphonium and Tuba Studio at the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, under Thomas G. Stein, attracts outstanding students from throughout the United States. Students are highly active in local, state, regional, national and international solo competitions. Indeed, in recent years, Stein's students have won qpprox. 80 major honors and awards in state, regional, national and international competitions: International Tuba-Euphonium Solo and Quartet Competitions; Falcone Solo Euphonium Competition (Artist Division); International Women's Brass Conference Solo Competition; Colonial Euphonium-Tuba Institute Solo Euphonium Competition; National Music Teachers Association State, Regional and National Collegiate Artist Solo Competitions; National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors National Solo Competition; Great Plains Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference Solo Competition; Texas Regional Tuba - Euphonium Conference Solo Competition; and the Southeast Regional Tuba-Euphonium Conference Solo and Quartet Competitions, to name a few.

Tuba and euphonium students in Conservatory-level applied study receive an hour lesson each week with Professor Stein. In addition to lessons, students participate in studio classes and ensembles: UMKC Tuba Euphonium Ensemble, chamber ensembles (tuba euphonium quartets), perform in studio recital classes, and meet regularly for technique classes (breathing physiology, articulations, ethics, etc.). Advanced students may participate in an intensive audition preparation seminar in orchestral repertoire for tuba and low brass. Chamber music options include mixed groups such as jazz combos, brass quintets, and tuba/euphonium ensembles (trios, quartets, etc.). There are several outstanding large ensembles for which tuba and euphonium students may audition: Conservatory Orchestra; Chamber Orchestra; Wind Symphony; Wind Ensemble; Jazz Ensemble; and Musica Nova, the Conservatory's contemporary music ensemble, to name a few.


Scholarships are available to conservatory students and are awarded on the basis of ability (demonstrated at the audition) and academic standing. Scholarships are awarded for one year but are renewable annually provided students maintain the appropriate grade level, continue satisfactory performance in the major performance area, and participate in major ensembles as prescribed. Applicants for Conservatory scholarships must complete all regular admissions procedures in order to be considered.

It is highly recommended that any prospective tuba or euphonium student wishing to be considered for a Conservatory scholarship contact Thomas Stein, Associate Professor of Tuba and Euphonium, as early as possible for recommendations on literature and preparation. Scholarship awards are competitive and proper preparation is essential.


General Admission information

Please visit the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance web site for general audition information including literature lists, dates, and applications.

Audition Information

The audition format for the UMKC Euphonium Tuba Studio more closely fits a lesson than a formal, juried audition. Auditions are held with the student and Professor Stein in the Euphonium and Tuba Studio and last approximately sixty to ninety minutes. The audition begins with a discussion concerning the expectations and requirements of this studio and adequate time for questions to be fully discussed. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend the audition. A lesson will follow the discussion. The lesson aspect will give the student a chance to feel how their applied experience at UMKC will unfold and give the professor a chance to see how the student accepts and adapts to new information.

Literature choice is open and should reflect the student's level of skill, however and recommended list can be obtained on the Conservatory of Music and Dance web site ( By no means is the literature list meant to be exclusive or limiting. Students should prepare literature with a variety of styles and techniques they find appealing and comfortable which represents their abilities.

The concept behind this type of audition is such that it is not dependant on what the student has accomplished prior to their matriculation to UMKC but, rather, to give the professor an idea of what the student is capable of accomplishing. Students in the UMKC Euphonium and Tuba Studio progress at a rapid rate. Indeed, within the first year most students develop quickly enough that they partake in major completions even if they have not competed in high school. Not all students who attend UMKC Euphonium and Tuba Studio have had prior private instruction. However, all students who attended the UMKC Euphonium and Tuba Studio have been excited about music and their instrument, wish to be excellent performers regardless of their major, have a very strong desire to succeed, and have an excellent work ethic. To wit: we are looking for the right kind of student - bright, articulate, animated, engaging, talented, fun, and hard working - regardless of their previous experiences.



Thomas G. Stein
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Dr. James Elswick
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