This is an Example Page For Introduction to Web Site Design A&S 310P and as such shows the essential look to the site you are expected to produce as your overall class project (resulting from going through several exercises). Aside from this note you site should look pretty much like the example site starting just below with this page.
You obviously don't want the same title, your name isn't Mike Strong and you don't want this little note at the top.

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Mike Strong's World Wide Web Site

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Kansas City Two Steppin' on the Vine at the Jazz Museum

Learn by Copy
Use the View Source Code option to check out how pages operate. Then Copy, Paste and Adapt ("View" menu and "Page Source" option).

Two of the most important reasons why the World Wide Web took off so rapidly and grew faster and more in months than the internet (and its precursors) did in its 20+ years of existence at that point are:
1) browsers were made so that anyone could view the source code and
2) the HTML source code was simple enough that even non-technical people could create pages with simple tools.

Viewing source code is learning by example.

When you see a web page you think is interesting, view the source code - look "under the hood" - to see what makes it work.

This is the home page example for Introduction to Web Design at UMKC (by Mike Strong). It is intended as a very simple starter page to give you an idea of what is wanted for the various exercises in these courses.

The header and links as show above are what I expect to see for your assignment site. Include all the extra material you want. It is your site, after all.

This is a web design course. It includes both the functional mechanics behind certain usages and the graphical appearance of the site

This course use your existing site space at UMKC (all students and staff at UMKC have this, though few know about it or ever use it)./p>

This course is a pre-requisite for 421P, 422P, 423P and 424P all of which assume that your know how to put pages on the web and all of which use the web as the assignment-turn-in location.

Lesson Pages

Via Author's ArtfulDancer Site: - The basic lesson site. To login you need to use your UMKC username and then your password. The first time you login at this page the password is just "password" You can change it afterword.

PACE office at UMKC: - This gets you the main web page for PACE for class listings, office phone numbers, etcetera.

Author's Pages

KCDance: - My site for publishing calendars and information about dancing and dance lessons in the Kansas City area.

ArtfulDancer: - My site for selling Dance Photographs and video. This site also has the online lessons, such as my PACE classes.

General Purpose: - A grab bag for various sample pages and miscellaneous information

Personal (CV items): - Only personal web site in the bunch. Although the other pages are also mine I keep personal information off of them because they are for other purposes or other people.

Home | Bio | Blog | Pictures | Links | Contact