Dr. Fengpeng Sun




ENV-SCI   110R Understanding the Earth: Introduction to Environmental Science and Laboratory

This introductory course surveys the processes that shape our planet. Topics include: plate tectonics and mountain-building, rivers and oceans, atmospheric circulation, weather and climate, and the amazingly complex relationships between life on Earth and the physical environment. (3 credits)

Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021

ENV-SCI    321 Climate Change, Impact Assessment and Policy Response

This course introduces how scientists assess observed climate change and predict future climate change. Lectures, discussions, problem sets, and term papers help students explore interactions among climate change, human activities and policy responses. It helps students achieve an appreciation for the role of accurate scientific information as foundation for shaping political agreements and policies on climate change. (3 credits)

Spring 2019, Spring 2020, Spring 2021

GEOG 406/5506 Global Environmental Change

This course will examine the current rates of global environmental change and potential causes in the context of Earth's natural climate variability. The course will follow a seminar format. Students will read and discuss published articles on current and emerging theories of forcing mechanisms in the Earth's systems. (3 credits)

Spring 2017, Spring 2018

GEOG          444 Spatial Data Analysis

Quantitative techniques and applications of spatial data analysis. The course will cover basic geospatial analysis techniques including hypothesis testing, kriging, variagram analysis, multivariate analysis and reliability analysis. Emphasis is on practical applications rather than theories. Intended for Geology, Geography, Environmental Studies, and relevant fields. Three hours lecture and one hour computer lab per week. (4 credits)

Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2020

Law          8916
Legal Response to Climate Change

Issues of law and policy that are involved in the regulation of climate change. Course will examine the causes and effects of global climate change and legal tools available to address the issue. Enrollment Requirements: You must be a student in the School of Law to take this course. (1-2 credits)

Spring 2019, Spring 2020 (Guest Lecturer)


ESS 210B Geoscience Data Analysis Fall 2005

Guest Lecturer

ESS 5 The Atmosphere Spring 2007

Guest Lecturer, Teaching Assistant

ESS 3 Oceanography Winter 2007

Teaching Assistant

ESS 1 The Physical Environment Fall 2006

Teaching Assistant